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What We Do - IT Equipment Disposal


Optimise the reuse of equipment through the reclamation and re-sale of components.


When initiating IT equipment disposal we minimise landfill occupancy by industrially processing all waste materials.


Ensure the recycling of base materials is ethically and correctly carried out by employing skilled and fully audited third parties to industrially process residual equipment.


Continually evaluate the facilities and techniques currently available in the recycling sector to offer our customers proven and auditable improvements and cost savings in waste material management for your IT equipment disposal.


NCRITDS strive to be competitive and professional at all times providing a first class service regardless of client.


NCRITDS deliver personally tailored services to meet each individual clients needs building close relationships within each company.

IT Disposal is an Environmentally Conscious company. Ensuring that we dispose of IT in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, minimising the impact to the environment is of the utmost importance to us.
Why Choose NCRITDS - Data Erasing & Hard Drive Security


If you require a professional, competitive courteous company who can handle all your IT disposal needs whether you are a five user office in a local county needing to update a few PCs and monitors or a 500 person data centre in London having a full refit of 200 servers we have the facilities and ability to take care of all your needs.


Fully insured, fully accredited with all the relevant associations and legal requirements we can offer complete peace of mind.


We are only ever a phone call and at the very worst an email away should you need to ask any questions or get answers to any queries you may have. No job is too awkward and no question is too silly.


Items we take

We shred/crush & data wipe

Services Provided

P Computer bases
P CRT Monitors/TVs
P LCD/Flat Monitors/TVs
P Printers & Projectors
P Servers & Laptops
P Networking items
P Comms/Network cabinets
P Assorted cables
P Batteries & UPS Systems
P Whiteboards
P Apple equipment
P Toners & Photocopiers
P Phone & Mobile phones
P ANYTHING IT related!

P Hard Drives
P Media Tapes
P Floppy Disks
P CD/DVD Disks
P Mobile Phones
P Routers/Firewalls/Switches


P Free IT Recycling Service
P National Coverage
P Minimum Quantity 10 Items
P CESG Data Destruction
P No Maximum Quantity
P 100% Reuse or Recycling

P Onsite/Offsite Data Destruction

P Data Destruction Certificate

P Free Disposal Certification

P Annual Contracts - Free

P Fully Licensed



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